So we all showed up at work today with anticipation of what was going to happen because of last night.
We all worked for about three hours before anything happened.
That’s when all three of the guys who were caught got called to the office. The executive chef, sous chef, and GM were all already in there. The rest of us continued to work but kept watching the office to see if we could see what was happening. It was like driving by an accident, you can’t help but look.
After about twenty minutes all three of them came out of the office with their heads hanging. They all got fired.
This was serious. Because of the things we were doing we were now down three workers, two of them being leads.
What is going to happen now.



So today was a little crazy. I was still following a7adriver’s advice and decided not to take anything.
Well, to be honest, I don’t know if it was his advice or the thought if security checking bags again.
My friends though, they didn’t heed any of the warnings. They still stuffed there bags with anything they could get there hands on.
On the way out, there they were. Security was checking bags again. My friends knew they couldn’t just leave the line because then security would know something was up. They knew they were caught. They called over one of them named bill. They wanted to tell him in secret so not to cause to much of a scene.
They probably thought that if they turned themselves in that they wouldn’t get into as much trouble.
I guess we will see tomorrow.

Thank you a7adriver

Wow that was a close one. Today at work I was cleaning up getting ready to go home. It was a slow week and we didn’t have a lot in stock. There were a few things here and there and I did find about 10 pounds of brisket.

I was going to grab it but remembered the email from a7adriver. I started rethinking everything I was doing and decided to leave it alove for now. Anyways it would still be there tomorrow. So go in and change and grab my bag and start to leave. While walking down the hall I see a line by where we clock out at. I was thinking it was really weird that all these people were waiting to clock out at the same time.

I got in line and patiently waited to clock out. As I got closer to the front I saw a couple security guards checking bags.

Were they trying to catch me?

They had been watching me lately.

I started thinking about the email and how I didn’t grab the brisket because of it. I would of been caught and probably lost my job.

Thank you a7adriver, you saved me today. I will start rethinking all my actions from now on because of you.

Rethinking my actions

I got a email today from a former police officer about a felon that he always ran into. I really don’t want to end up like Kevin and may be rethinking my actions from here on out. I really dont think I want to get caught hanging from ceiling tiles and spending to much time in jail. So to thank officer XXX I am going to post his email as a guest post and everyone reading this should also check out his blog about the squirrel that ruined his life.

Thank you a7adriver.

Reading the blog, Edible embezzlement, it came to mind about a training felon I came across in police work.
This guy was incredibly stupid. He had been arrested by all 39 officers in the department.
One night on patrol, I was driving through a local  shopping mall, when I saw a pair of feet dangling from the ceiling.
I stopped, backed up just to make sure what I had seen.
I called for a back-up unit and had the dispatcher call the store owner.
Upon the arrival of the second unit, and the store owner,we entered the store as quietly as we could.
I signaled to my partner that I recognized the shoes. He started laughing.
I hollered up to the thief, “Hey Kevin are you stuck?”
He in turn recognized my voice and hollered down, Yes, I am Officer XXX.
So with the grace and wisdom of kindness, we grabbed his feet a jerked him down.
We caught him as he came through the ceiling tiles.
“Hi Kevin, doing a little midnight shopping?” I asked.
“Yep” he replied.
“Well Kevin, I’ve got three hot meals and a cot for you in the county jail.
His only response was “Will I be out in time for my court date in July.
I assured Kevin he would not miss his court date, because he would still be in jail.
So’ Kevin and I crossed paths many times in the next 10 years.
I always offered him a ride when we met. Me in the front,Kevin in the back ,still asking about missing his next court date..

Go Big or Go Home…..hungry!

Today was a going to be a very long day. It was about the fourth day that I had to be to work by 5am. It was about 7:30am and we had just finished a breakfast buffet when our sous chef decided he would show up to work.

Like usual he walked over and looked at all of us then left without a word. He always does that for some reason, like he looking for something to yell at us for. He then peeked back around the corner and asked if he could speak to me in his office.

Did he know what I was doing? Was I going to lose my job? The short walk felt as it took forever.

Every bad thought was going through my head. My wife is going to kill me. I need this job. If I lose it I might not be able to find a new one. I WILL LOSE EVERYTHING! I was freaking out.

He motioned me into the office and closed the door behind me. The sound of the door closing made my heart beat even faster. He sat down at his desk and picked up a peice of paper. He then told me that I was getting writen up for somthing he screwed up. I was releived that I wasnt caught but pissed that he blamed me for his screw up.

We were doing a tasting the day before and I was helping him get it ready. He asked me to grill and mark some chicken breast and finish them in the oven. I guess he was running behind and I had just finished marking the chicken when he came and grabbed them to take to the tasting. I told them that the were still raw and he just poked them and said they were fine.

Well now that I am getting writen up for serving raw chicken to a potential customer, I guess it wasn’t fine.

I sat there and listened as he explained proper cooking temperatures to me then signed the counseling letter and walked out.

I walked outside to calm down and thought about just leaving. Then I starting about how that was still better than getting caught stealing food and getting fired. Maybe I should stop for a while. I don’t want to lose this job.

After I calm down i go back to work. A couple hours later I finish all my stuff and get ready to leave. As I am leaving our delivery of meat shows up and I have to take care of it. The delivery guy drops the boxes on the floor and I sign the receipt. I move the meat into the walk-in and look what’s in the box.

There they were, eight 5 pound pork shoulders sitting there just calling my name. They were packed two per bag. I knew we would only use two of them so I went against my better judgement and grabbed a bag. I put it on the table to cut it open to take just one shoulder. Then I hear the Sous coming so I just shoved both shoulders in my bag and walked out. I guess it’s go big of go home hungry for me.

As I left all I could think about was how good revenge felt. I was so busy thinking about what happened that I didn’t realize that I was being watched by the security again.

Only time will tell

It was the end of a long week. I was tired and wore out. We were just finishing up a fajita buffet to end the day and the start of a wonderful three days off.

As the day ended a couple of us started “grocery shopping.” we had cleaned the place out with the past weeks buffets so there wasn’t much to pick from.

I grabbed a few bell peppers, some oven roasted tomatoes, and this really good chocolate chip bread. I put it all in my “truck”, that’s the new nickname we started calling our backpacks. It was just as easy as always but this time it ended a little different.

As we were walking down to clock out I saw a couple security guards in the hall. We see them once in a while, but this time they were staring right at us. It was like they knew something. I got a little nervous but hid it from them. I clocked out and walked to the exit.

They didn’t say anything to us but I have a feeling that they know something. Maybe they are waiting until they can prove something, maybe they don’t know anything, maybe I’m just paranoid.

Only time will tell…

All black everything

It’s 4am and I was just woke by a phone call from my boss. Apparently he didn’t care that it was my first day off after 23 straight days.

He told me that two people called in sick and needed me in by 5am for a breakfast and that I would only be there for about two hours. Once again this was my only day off before another full work week.

I was supposed to be going to the beach for the day with my wife. All i can say is just be glad you weren’t there when I told her the news. She might of hated my work more than me.

When I got to work I quickly helped to get breakfast out. As we finished I thought about how I got screwed over and wanted revenge.

What a better way to get revenge than to take something expensive to make up for waking me up at 4am.

I looked around for things that would fit in my bag but still be worth it. I was wishing we had black truffles, but I settled for a block of black tiger shrimp.

I was home by 8am so i was able to salvage my beach trip, which made my wife happy. While at the beach I decide I was going to call in sick the next day and stay the night at the beach.

What a great place to enjoy some black tiger shrimp.